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Stars: Building on Last Year's Success Under DeBoer's Reign

The Dallas Stars had a commendable 2022-2023 season under new head coach Peter DeBoer, finishing just one point behind the Colorado Avalanche in the Central Division. Their performance in the playoffs was equally noteworthy; they dispatched Minnesota and Seattle before falling to the Vegas Golden Knights in the conference finals. As we head into the 2023-2024 NHL season, the Stars look to build on their recent success.

2022-2023: A Year of Ascendancy

Last season was a year of noticeable improvement for the Dallas Stars, especially in terms of their ESBC Power AI metrics, which showed a positive trend toward the end of the season. DeBoer's coaching influence appeared to resonate with the team, and it's evident in their results.

Playoffs: Close, Yet So Far

The Stars made it to the conference finals but were bested by the Vegas Golden Knights. While the defeat was disappointing, reaching the conference finals is no small feat and indicates the team is moving in the right direction.

Roster: Consistency is Key

This offseason, the Stars largely maintained their roster. The key addition was center Matt Duchene, who could inject some dynamism into the forward lines. The departures were mostly from the depth lines, and therefore, we can expect a largely similar tactical approach from DeBoer this season.

Age and Liability: The Suter-Pavelski Factor

One area of concern might be the aging core of players like Joe Pavelski and Ryan Suter. Suter, in particular, was starting to become a liability in the playoffs, and how DeBoer manages their minutes will be critical in high-stakes games.

Goaltending: The Oettinger Era

The goaltending duo of Jake Oettinger and Scott Wedgewood will continue this season. Oettinger, one of the best goalies in the NHL, is expected to get the lion's share of starts. His performance could be a significant factor in the team's success. Sports bettors should keep an eye on Wedgewood starts, there might be value (depending on the odds of course) fading Stars on those nights.

2023-2024 Outlook: Building on Strong Foundations

With a mostly unchanged roster and a competent coach in Peter DeBoer, the Stars have a strong platform for the upcoming season. However, some challenges remain:

  • Managing Aging Stars: How DeBoer manages aging players could be a tipping point.

  • Oettinger's Performance: If Oettinger can maintain or even improve his performance, it bodes well for the team.

  • Consistency: The Stars need to maintain their upward trajectory in ESBC Power AI metrics and overall performance. Jamie Benn needs to act like a captain in the playoffs.


The Dallas Stars are well-poised for a strong 2023-2024 NHL season. With a similar roster and a year's experience under a new coaching system, they have a lot going for them. However, the looming issues of age and consistency need to be managed carefully. Should they do that successfully, another deep playoff run could very well be in the cards.

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