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NHL points total disclaimer

Disclaimer for NHL Team Points Distribution Histograms

Scheduling Considerations

The simulations presented here do not account for the strength of the schedule. Every team's games are weighed equally, regardless of the fatigue caused by tight schedule.

Trade Deadline Dynamics

It is noteworthy that certain teams will be more inclined to sell players at the trade deadline. Consequently, their projected points might lean towards the lower end. Conversely, some franchises will actively bolster their roster during spring, potentially inflating their points totals.

Injury Variance

Teams inevitably encounter varying degrees of injuries throughout the season. Such events can substantially influence points distribution, perhaps even more than the variance shown in these charts.

Team Momentum

Teams can experience momentum shifts as seen with the Boston Bruins last season. For instance, while our model might indicate a near 0% probability for teams like Anaheim Ducks to reach the playoffs, unpredictable surges or declines in performance can alter these probabilities.

Sports betting

ESBC Power AI boasts a track record of consistently outperforming bookmakers and other publications. However, if you're contemplating using these projections for sports betting, we advocate for extremely low stakes on season-long wagers due to the prolonged capital commitment. A more strategic approach would be to access daily picks from our website and leverage odds comparison platforms, such as Sportmarket, to ensure you're obtaining the most favorable odds for your bets.

Always remember that while projections and models can be useful tools, the unpredictability and dynamics of sports mean that actual outcomes can vary significantly from projections. Always bet responsibly.

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