My Way (05.10.2023)

Too bad to be true

NFL has been one of the most profitable markets on My Way in Sports Betting. I have kept constant good profit margins since 1985. The best achievement in my whole ...

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My Way (27.09.2023)

3.1 and 1.8 are more than 8

In the Sportmarket My Way -project, I wanted to test if it were possible to turn €600 monthly deposits to one million in ten years, as I did between 1987 ...

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My Way (06.09.2023)

It is not as it looks like - or is it

On My Way in the fascinating world of sports betting, I have made constant profits for 45 years. My crew kept a 3.1% net profit margin in the last ...

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My Way (14.08.2023)

Teachings to betting from fishing

I took the whole of June as a complete holiday. I didn’t open e-mails nor react to any work-related SMS messages. No betting or stock trading. I closed my ...

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My Way (19.06.2023)

Betting and artificial intelligence – now and then


Isn’t artificial intelligence something very new and modern, I hear many of my readers asking, when they see the title of this My Way -blog.

Well, it is ...

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My Way (06.06.2023)

Profitable MLB betting strategies and teams

30 years ago, baseball was not a very significant part of my wealth accumulation. Nowadays, it is. There are so many matches and betting markets during the long MLB season ...

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My Way (24.05.2023)

Hockey World championships, which markets to bet ?

On my Way, to accumulating my betting capital from hundreds to one million, the Ice Hockey World Championships played a big part. Since 1987, I have made a profit in ...

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My Way (18.05.2023)

Study of the markets, sports and layers

If you do not search the layers for your bets via the Sportmarket brokerage service, you may still use it as an odds comparison service and research platform.

You can ...

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My Way (20.04.2023)

VUOKSENMAA Premium - welcome to join me!

I have found an excellent new bet to this weekend's Premier League!

Welcome to join me: VUOKSENMAA Premium

VUOKSENMAA Premium is my service where I share only my very ...

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My Way (03.04.2023)

Take me out to the ball game

"Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd; Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack, I don't care if I never get back"...

I ...

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