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The only game in town

Last weekend three of our ColossusBets P8 syndicates won big in the Belarus premier league - in the only European league defying the Corona-virus. The syndicates returned almost 100 times the total stakes our members invested in them.

Now, this Friday there is a new rollover. The extra dead money up for grabs encouraged me to do some extra analysis on the Belarus Vysshaya Liga.

It is strange, that in Belarus the percentage of the draws is only about 25%, even if the scoring is low. Normally the low number of goals increases the number of draws. I have no logical reason for this, so the phenomenon might be just a coincidence, which can easily happen in only five years.

There have been only 44% home-wins in the Vysshaya Liga lately. A low percentage is slightly affected by the relatively high number of local derbies in the league. There are 4 teams from Minsk and two from Brest.

Bate Borisov is the best team in the country, even if Brest is the ruling champion. Bate has more depth in their team. Bate has been distracted by the European matches last season. Now, this spring they can concentrate on the domestic games - as long as the "no-panicking" -policy from the mustached dictator Lukashenko may continue.

Bate has started the season badly. Their shock defeat at Mozyr last weekend was the key element for our big ColossusBets winnings. 90% out of the combinations our opponents had bet died. Bate will sharpen up from their two defeats and réturn to their winning tradition soon.

Even Brest and Soligosk are heads and shoulders above the rest.

Dinamo Minsk and Zhodino form the third level. Zhodino is not a very expensive team, but they have good organization and have played well when winning. Yuri Puntus is my favorite manager.

The bottom half is a very even field. There are no obvious relegation favorites. Even the worst quarter will beat mid-table teams occasionally, but you should not expect too many upsets from them against the top three this year.

However, keep an eye on Energetik Minsk! They are a well-coached young side, which beat Bate Borisov in the season opener.

Here I reveal all my ESBC Power IT power ratings for you. In the normal matches, you can count six points for the home advantage.

BATE Borisov 80 Brest 76 Soligorsk 72 Dinamo Minsk 58 Zhodino 57 FK Minsk 49 Isloch 45 Mozyr 44 Vitebsk 43 Neman 43 Gorodeya 41 Smolevichi 40 Energetik 40 Rukh Brest 39 Slutsk 39 Belshina 38

ESBC:n kanssa enemmän iloa vedonlyönnistä

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