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Difficult handicaps hurt Placepot's value

After a really profitable Royal Ascot week with our ColossusBets syndicates, we’ll concentrate our research and risk capital today on Scandinavian football. The Royal Ascot placepot doesn’t look today as promising as on the earlier days this week. However, here are some thoughts, which might help you, if you’ll bet or create syndicates yourself.

Remember, that ColossusBets pays you a 10 % captain rebate in order to compensate you for the work of studying the races, placing the bet, and eventually making smart cashout decisions.

In the first race Alfred Munnings is a logical favorite. He should be bet in over 70% of the lines in a well-balanced placepot position. The race should unfold for him in a nice way. Legend of Xanadu has run nice figures, but he might have less scope for improvement than our other ”Auren numbers horse”, Finns Charm.

In the second leg of the ColossusBets placepot, our figures suggest Noble Truth should be a favorite. The market likes Star Girls Aalmal more than us. Both are needed for the biggest part of the placepot tickets. With Monaadah and Sambury (with smaller stakes) this good race should be covered and producing normally multiple surviving lines.

The third leg is easy. We spot the class of Hurricane Lane early and made money with him last year. We’ll stay loyal to him. The first race of the year is a risk for some horses, but not a big risk with that kind of a world-class performer from a very careful trainer. If you want to cover Hurricane Line in a small minority of your tickets, Solid Stone is a smart alternative. He will dictate the race with a steady pace and stay at a good placing.

In the fourth race, the Australian horses should be the main contenders – if they run their races. But there are a different kinds of risks, so it is wise to cover this leg wider. Creative Force has speed and class, and he is possibly more relaxed this year as a gelding.

The difficult fifth and sixth legs are the reasons why we pass the ColossusBets placepot today. The Placepot is the favorites pool – as we saw earlier this week with our daily profits. The outsiders and even fourth to fifth favorites are better value in exchanges.

We fancy lightly Blackrod in the fifth race. He only 90% sure not to win the race, so we can afford to buy a lottery ticket priced 9-1 or better. Blackrod has earlier had some starting box problems, but on his better days, he has run good numbers. He is expected to get a good trip today.

ESBC:n kanssa enemmän iloa vedonlyönnistä

ESBC:n voittamisen resepti perustuu Suomen tunnetuimman vedonlyöntisijoittajan Jorma Vuoksenmaan tutkimustuloksiin ja yli 30 voitollisen vuoden kokemukseen vedonlyönnistä. Jorma Vuoksenmaa ja ESBC:n työntekijät pelaavat samaan analyysiin perustuen samoja kohteita kuin asiakkaamme.

ESBC:n sivustolta peliharrastajat ja -sijoittajat saavat ajankohtaiset sijoitusneuvot vedonlyöntiin. ESBC ylläpitää kykyään parantaa asiakkaittensa menestystä yliopistotasoisella tutkimuksella pelisijoittamisesta ja urheilusta.


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