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Nottingham, kausiennakko 2023-2024

The 2022-2023 season was a bumpy ride for Nottingham Forest. With a significantly renewed squad at the start of the campaign, the team faced the challenge of gelling quickly. Under the guidance of Steve Cooper, who faced constant scrutiny and pressure, Nottingham managed to retain their Premier League status. However, it wasn't a comfortable journey.

Analytically, Nottingham's performance raised concerns. Their ESBC Power AI metrics painted a worrying picture. They recorded the third fewest expected goals for in the league, indicating a lack of attacking potency. Even more concerning was their defensive record, tying for the largest expected goals against. Such metrics suggest that, had the season played out multiple times, Nottingham might not have always been fortunate enough to avoid relegation.

Moving into the 2023-2024 season, the summer transfer window has been more subdued compared to the previous year. This means Cooper now has a more settled and familiar squad to work with, which could be beneficial in terms of team cohesion. However, the departures of key players like Ayew, Colback, Lingard, Navas, Henderson, and Lodi could be felt. On the brighter side, the arrivals of Anthony Elanga, Ola Aina, and Chris Wood bring a mix of youth and experience to the squad.

One of the standout patterns from last season was Nottingham's reliance on their home ground for points. Their performances at the City Ground were in stark contrast to their away games, where they struggled significantly. This home and away disparity is something Cooper will need to address if Nottingham is to have a more comfortable season.

In summary, while Nottingham Forest managed to stay in the Premier League last season, the upcoming campaign looks challenging. The analytical data suggests there's a lot of room for improvement, both offensively and defensively. With a more settled squad and some new additions, the hope will be to build on last season's survival and establish a more consistent performance, especially in away fixtures.

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