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Everton, kausiennakko 2023-2024

The 2022-2023 season was another challenging campaign for Everton. Despite the rich history and high expectations associated with the club, the Toffees found themselves embroiled in a relegation battle. Analytically, their struggles were evident in their goal tally. Scoring only 34 times in 38 league games, they had the second-lowest goal count in the Premier League. Defensively, things weren't much better, with the team conceding 57 goals.

According to ESBC Power AI metrics both figures could have been higher. So they had bad luck in finishing and on the other hand they were lucky to concede just 57. Part of this difference is also of course explained by player quality and tactics. Overall their metrics would have given Toffees a bit higher league position.

A significant change occurred in late January when Sean Dyche was appointed as the new manager. Known for his pragmatic approach, Dyche's influence saw Everton's playing style shift. Under his guidance, matches involving the Toffees became slightly higher-scoring affairs at both ends of the pitch. This change in approach, while risky, eventually paid off. In a dramatic final game of the season, Everton managed to defeat Bournemouth, ensuring their survival in the top flight by clinching the 17th spot.

The summer transfer window saw some changes at Goodison Park. Departures were Mina, Davies, Simms & Nkounkou.

On the other hand, they secured the services of Danjuma, a player known for his flair and creativity. Cannon and Young were also added to the ranks, bringing a mix of youth and experience to the side.

Looking ahead to the 2023-2024 season, from an analytical standpoint, Everton will need to address their goal-scoring woes. While Dyche's approach towards the end of last season showed promise, consistency will be key. The additions of Danjuma, Cannon, and Young will hopefully inject some much-needed dynamism into the team. Also a healthy Calvert-Lewin would be a huge boost.

In summary, after narrowly avoiding relegation last season, Everton faces a crucial campaign ahead. The club will be aiming to move away from the lower reaches of the table and re-establish themselves as a Premier League mainstay. With good manager Dyche at the helm and some fresh faces in the squad, the Toffees will be hoping for a season of progress and upward trajectory.

Dyche will have a full pre-season to work with his squad and implement his style of play, which is good news for Toffees.

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