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ESBC We bet

ESBC We Bet is a good value bet to be placed in the international betting market.

Because our customers have accounts with different bookmakers and because the Finnish law forbids promoting the foreign bookmakers, we do not point out any company to place the bet with. We encourage our customers to find out the best available price (and market) for out ESBC We Bet and bet wherever it can be found. There are many good odds comparison sites on the Internet.

We believe ESBC We Bet has a positive return in the long run and we invest in these bets ourselves. ESBC We Bet comes with a brief reasoning why we made the bet (though sometimes we cannot reveal all the strategies, information or odds patterns etc. which have given us the reason to believe that the ESBC We Bet is a good investment).

We give an estimate of the win probability (fair odds) and a stake recommendation scaled from 0,3 unit to 10 units. Our units are scaled so that 10/10 is equal to 2 % of bankroll. So one unit equals to 0,2 % of bankroll. (E.g. 3/10 -> 3 x 0,2 % = 0,6 % (or 3/10 x 2 % = 0,6 %)) Our stake recommendation is nevertheless just an example and you should choose a Kelly-divider or staking method that suits your individual risk profile. Also our recommended stakes will sometimes be affected by other things e.g. possibilities to protect our position with other bets/analysis risk/etc.

ESBC We Bet costs normally 3,88 - 8,88 €.

Disclaimer: ESBC We Bet contains only our analysis and recommendation i.e. you have to make the bet yourself. Utilization of our analysis and recommendations is at your own risk - and reward. We don´t give guarantees or refunds.

See an example of the product >>here!

ESBC:n kanssa enemmän iloa vedonlyönnistä

ESBC:n voittamisen resepti perustuu Suomen tunnetuimman vedonlyöntisijoittajan Jorma Vuoksenmaan tutkimustuloksiin ja yli 30 voitollisen vuoden kokemukseen vedonlyönnistä. Jorma Vuoksenmaa ja ESBC:n työntekijät pelaavat samaan analyysiin perustuen samoja kohteita kuin asiakkaamme.

ESBC:n sivustolta peliharrastajat ja -sijoittajat saavat ajankohtaiset sijoitusneuvot vedonlyöntiin. ESBC ylläpitää kykyään parantaa asiakkaittensa menestystä yliopistotasoisella tutkimuksella pelisijoittamisesta ja urheilusta.


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