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Why I let Sportmarket help me?

Why I let Sportmarket help me?

My name is Jorma Vuoksenmaa. I have been a winning sports bettor since 1980, semi-professional since 1986, and on the level, where I could have lived solely on my betting income since 1990.

I am a sports-betting researcher and writer, too. Here is my CV.

On February 2022, I accidentally discovered Sportmarket. It searches and the highest odds for my bet from the prices that the extensive and trustworthy bookmakers are laying.

I realized how valuable the Sportmarket is for many reasons. I started to bet more and more via Sportmarket. It seems, that in the future over 90% of my investing turnover will go via Sportmarket.

I have written two books about sports betting, been a keynote speaker at conferences, and written monthly columns for big newspapers like Helsingin Sanomat. I enjoy "smart gaming" - chess, the stock market, options, poker, horse race bets, etc. I want to help the smart-gaming culture. I operate the investment advisory service European Sports Betting Consultants. I want my customers to get the best out of their sports betting hobby (or profession). And my mission is that even all the thinking bettors, who are not my customers get a fair chance against the bookmakers.

I write and screen content for various companies including big racing papers, betting operators, stock brokers, etc. Sportmarket is one of my customers. I get paid for the content. My compensation is not depending on the number of customers. I reveal this in order be transparent in a journalistic sense. However, I would use Sportmarket and recommend it even if I did not write content about Sportmarket.

Of the many advantages Sportmarket is giving, the effect of the bigger wins is the most important.

Let's assume that a bettor can make even money bets (Odds = 2x, evens, or +100, as you wish) with a 51,5% probability of hitting. That makes each bet 3% profitable, i.e., to return 1.03 units for each 1 unit bet. The optimal Kelly bet would be with this edge of 0.75% of the capital. After 1000 bets, the expected bankroll is €12200.

I took the 3% profit margin estimate per bet for the example because I have kept that profit margin in a significant sample of bets.

Already 3% profit margin per bet with 1000 monthly bets would accumulate even a tiny risk capital to financial freedom if the number of bets is big enough. Already a conservative Kelly per four staking plan would make the 10000 units capital grow to 12200 after 1000 bets - and with that multiplier after every 1000 bets. But what if we could find only 0,5% higher odds on each bet? To find 2.01x instead of 2.00x seems not to be a problem for the Sport Market robots finding the highest odds in the world. Actually, during my first half a year as a Sportmarket customer, the difference between Sportmarket word top odds and the second highest has exceeded 0,5% in most cases I have decided to bet.

You can see from the picture that with the odds 2.01 instead of 2.00 on those very same bets hitting with 51,5% frequency, the same 1000 bets would accumulate the starting capital of €10.000 to €13100.

A difference of 0,5% in the odds, 2.01x instead of 2.00x, make a difference of €1100 after 1000 bets. It pays to compare the odds and bet on the biggest one. (Or let Sportmarket find you the biggest odds). And now the capital multiplier will be 1.31x in each round of the 1000 bets. Interest on interest, so here we go towards one million with €800 monthly deposits in less than ten years.

Even finding 2.02x instead of 2.00x is not an impossible task. In 1000 of that kinds of bets, the capital would grow to €14200.

A €2000 difference, a multiplier of 1.42x each round, a million in already in five years...

Here is an excel-sheet about this capital growth example :

As you can see, already very small differences in the odds make a big difference in the growth rate of the betting capital. And percentage-wise, it goes similarly if one starts with a 1000€ capital and bets of 7,50€, 8,70€ or 9,99€ according to the percentages.

It is important to note that the bigger differences in the odds, the faster the growth rate of the betting capital.

Now I hear many doubting and saying: "I'm betting so small that the odds differences do not make any difference, somebody might say". Well, in the long run, you don't need to bet small forever if you start constantly betting with the top prices Sportmarket searches for you. That tiny-looking difference in the odds can improve a slightly unprofitable bet to a profitable, plus expected value bet. By repeating those profitable betting actions, your betting capital increases after ups and downs, and you can cautiously increase the stakes for slightly higher stakes.

For a small bettor, it is a huge advantage that one has the whole betting capital only in one Sportmarket account - not with ten different bookmakers to find the best odds.

It is normal variance, that one might accumulate one account tenfold and go bust with another operator. For a Sportmarket customer, that is not a problem. But if one had only the independent bookmaker accounts, one would need to take money from one account and deposit it to another. That costs money and time - without talking about the KYC (know your customer) formalities, which are Kafka-like byrocracy with many operators.

With Sportmarket, you'll get your account opened smoothly and fast - with a good deposit bonus. And Sportmarket pays out fast, too. The Sportmarket customer service is the most friendly and practical I have faced in my 45 years in the betting world.

The edge Sportmarket gives to its customers is most significant in betting in running, live betting.

In live betting, everything happens so fast that the bookmakers do not get an entire edge of their resources, computer power, odds compiler armies, robots, and market monitoring. Algorithms cannot react to everything an experienced live bettor can see and turn to profits during the game. Conversely, if an odds compiler bets in running manually, he/she is prone to mistakes. Emotion and too fast/slow reaction to new information make a human being very vulnerable to errors, which a selective and bold bettor in running can turn into profits. In reality, very few odds compilers understand the nature and mechanics of football deeply.

If one bets via Sportmarket, it is enough that one of ca. ten bookmakers one can bet via Sportmarket makes a mistake. The selected bet goes via Sportmarket always to the highest available odds among the reliable, big operators.

In betting in running, betting is extra essential to get the money in fast and guaranteed. The Sportmarket live betting site is very fast - occasionally even faster than the slowest streams. All in all, the Sportmarket site is very reliable. I have not faced many problems in my nine months as a Sportmarket customer.

Finding Sportmarket was one of the most important milestones in my 45 years long betting career. It is not only the best odds in the world or the easiness of getting the money in fast and guaranteed - the Sportmarket's statistical tools are a great tool for educating oneself towards a world-class bettor.

On the Sportmarket site, one can find an "analytics"-page. There, one can find what kind of returns one has achieved from different markets, leagues, bet types, etc. One can download the information easily to the database and then make even more detailed and deep analyses. We have a good database at European Sports Betting Consultants, but with Sportmarket we are even stronger - as we are on many other parts of sports betting investing.

If one keeps learning and improving, one can accumulate even a small starting capital to financial freedom. Typically, the bookmakers start to limit your action (or even close your account) if you are too successful. But if you bet anonymously via Sportmarket,

I write a blog series called My Way.

about my project to accumulate €800 deposits to one million in ten years. I am at the pace to reach the million. The first five thousand first bets have returned ca. 3% average net profit per bet. I do not want to be shy of the quality of my analysis and ability to find value bets. Still, without the extra fractions in odds (and thereby extra risk-free money) Sportmarket is finding, this mission would be much more difficult.

Sports betting is not an easy game to beat, and as worst, it can create addiction. I do not recommend sports betting to everybody, even if I and millions of people have enjoyed it. But if you bet on sports, you'll get the best odds, service, and tool with Sportmarket.

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