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The dark winter is over

A lot has happened during the first seven weeks of 2023. In January, I faced 11 losing days in a row and just eight winning days in the whole month. That drew down almost 20% from my capital's all-time high, which I reached just before my Christmas break.

It was frustrating to lose a big part of my American Football profits in the playoffs and Super Bowl. I kept betting against Cincinnati Bengals, and they were knocked out too late for my bets. Then the Super Bowl was the worst ever for me. On the championship market, I was a guaranteed winner before the kick-off after laying off a part of my long-term position at Sportmarket. But in the total points betting, my under 51 was struggling from the very first drives and finally had no chance. I deserved to lose because I estimated the play selection for Philadelphia to have been much more run orientated and both defenses to have been tighter. Little did I know.

I have had only profitable seasons in NFL since 1985, and my net ROI of 6% this season was a very normal result out of 431 bets at Sportmarket. But it felt like nothing when I had a double-figure profit margin just before a handful of playoff games. I should not feel this way, but I do. After a couple of weeks, I have forgotten my disappointment, and the next season will be the best, with Sportmarket helping me to find the extra fractions to all my bets.

In Australian Open tennis, the opposite happened: the tournament started badly, but I recovered from my first-round losses and ended up with a sensational 20% net ROI per bet on the tournament. Again, only an ROI of about 2% per bet is achievable in tennis betting. Still, of course, I am happy to accept the positive swing of the variance after running so badly just a few weeks earlier in everything.

Another lucky strike - an encouraging signal toward better times - was Everton's brave win against Arsenal on the fourth of February. When I got the news that Sean Dyche was appointed as the new Everton manager, I started to place bets on Everton.

In the fast Sportmarket site, I got the money on quite nicely, even if the Everton odds went down rapidly. In this situation, it is very valuable to get the odds in the markets that have not crashed yet. Some bookmakers and handicap lines are always lagging. I had my biggest bets on Everton on Asian Handicap +2 1/4 and + 2 goals but had a couple of very small bets on -½ at odds 10,6x.

In the first week of February, I visited London and met many influential people in the Sports Betting scene, including the CEO of Sportmarket. He made a strong impression on me and increased my trust and confidence in Sportmarket. I especially liked his customer service-orientated approach toward the business. No wonder I have found Sportmarket customer service faultless - as all the fellow Finnish professional bettors I have talked to.

A funny my-way memory jumped into my head when I traveled to the QPR - Millwall match on Saturday. In the same area in London, I had 30 years ago a successful operation in arbitrage betting, going from one betting shop to another trying to get my bets on. It went OK but required a couple of hours and a lot of walking. Now on Saturday, I was sitting squeezed into the very cramped Loftus Road terrace, my knees bent, I could still place bets in running quite comfortably with the Sportmarket iPhone application - without moving a step and still getting good fills and odds. Sometimes I feel that in those good old times, there was more of a "taste of life" in sports betting. Still, when thinking calmly and rationally, one should be thankful for the modern applications making betting reliable and easy in all situations.

So, the worst is over, sun is getting higher, and the days are getting longer! Enjoy, in betting and in the real life!

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