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The annual financial report, My Way, 2022

Are the Sports Betting markets more efficient now than they were in 1980 when I left home with 600 Finn marks (about 800 euros nowadays) in my pocket? Can I accumulate €800 monthly deposits to one million Euros in ten years? Last February 2022, I wanted to find out!

I designated an account in #Sportmarket earmarked for this test. I deposited there €800 + €800 in February and then €800 in March and April. I started to bet in the same very defensive, risk-averse way as I did when I was young. Now the first calendar year of the project is completed.

During the year 2022, I placed 7197 bets via Sportmarket Pro. Sportmarket re-directed the majority of them to Betfair and Pinnacle.

The profit per bet was 2.8%. That doesn't sound like a lot, but with even a very cautious investment strategy, the €800 monthly deposits grew to over €16000 during 2022.

Even with the current pace of capital growth, I will reach one million well before the target date, the New Year 2032. But I'll start investing slightly more aggressively now with the evidence that even the nowadays markets can be beaten (with the help of the Sportmarket service and software). In addition, I'll increase my activity in basketball, baseball, and tennis.

I would have expected my net profit per average bet to have been more than 3%. I might have been slightly unlucky last season (even in a sample of 7179 bets, there is more than a 33% probability that I deserved to have a net ROI per bet over 4% or under 2%), but I probably have to accept the fact, that the betting market is getting more and more efficient. It will be even "smarter" in 2023. Still, I believe I will keep making a profit with the help of Sportmarket. I even have some ideas in my working process, which might help me in #MyWay - in the fight against the markets.

I will write more about those ideas after my holidays.

I wish a happy and lucky year 2023 to You!

Ps. Follow #MyWay ! It is not only my twists and turns in this mission, not only nostalgia from my first way towards my first million. You'll learn a lot about betting strategies, my way of thinking and working, risk-management, war-stories and nostalgy. Occasionally you'll learn how to win +EV equity in upcoming sporting events for free.

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