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3.1 and 1.8 are more than 8

In the Sportmarket My Way -project, I wanted to test if it were possible to turn €600 monthly deposits to one million in ten years, as I did between 1987 and 1997.

Between March 2022 and the end of July 2023, I placed 9302 bets, each giving a net profit of 1.8% on average. With a similar profit margin, staking plan, and betting frequency, I would have reached one million in about eight years.

However, I decided to stop the project when I retired for a total summer holiday in July. The complete freedom, relaxation, and time with my family even strengthened my decision. Now it is time for me to take more responsibility in my betting investments for my world-class team.

My crew kept a 3.1% net profit margin with the last 16342 published and documented bets in the last seven years. With that pace the accumulation of the betting capital has been even faster than in my personal My Way -project. The biggest part of My Way -bets were of course, the same as what I have made in more significant stakes as a part of my ordinary operation and what we have revealed for our ESBC customers, but seemingly my hedging, live-trading, staking, and selection of the betting markets has hurt my performance. Therefore it is very logical to stop the My Way -experience and return simply to betting all the bets the ESBC customers bet.

Of course, I will increase the stakes on the ESBC customer bets I like especially, and I’ll bet in running with the ESBC goal expectations input to our models, but from the start of October, my wins and losses will correlate even stronger with the success of the ESBC customers.

Similarly, I’ll stop the Vuoksenmaa Premium investment advisory service. In 50 bets in four years, it returned 8% net profit per bet and considerable growth to the betting capital. However, it never became viral. In the last week, it had only two customers. Obviously, I can find better use for my time compared to the work Vuoksenmaa Premium required.

The interesting thing here is, that the fifty very best selected bets in four years gave a return of 8%.

16342 ESBC’s public customer bets returned 3,1% profit.

The 9302 bets in My Way -project had a 1,8% net profit margin.

The big truth here is that the optimal profit margin requirement threshold should not be set too high, nor should one not bet too ”loosely” either. The happy medium looks best. In the next few years, my capital will probably grow much more in the capable hands of my ESBC crew, alongside our customers, compared to betting my own ”very best” ideas only or all the ideas I’ll get during live games or my specialties – Tennis, NFL, NBA and MLB.

ESBC:n kanssa enemmän iloa vedonlyönnistä

ESBC:n voittamisen resepti perustuu Suomen tunnetuimman vedonlyöntisijoittajan Jorma Vuoksenmaan tutkimustuloksiin ja yli 30 voitollisen vuoden kokemukseen vedonlyönnistä. Jorma Vuoksenmaa ja ESBC:n työntekijät pelaavat samaan analyysiin perustuen samoja kohteita kuin asiakkaamme.

ESBC:n sivustolta peliharrastajat ja -sijoittajat saavat ajankohtaiset sijoitusneuvot vedonlyöntiin. ESBC ylläpitää kykyään parantaa asiakkaittensa menestystä yliopistotasoisella tutkimuksella pelisijoittamisesta ja urheilusta.


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